Acting & Performance Masterclass
Coming to Red Theatricals in 2020.
Get show fit and industry ready!
For Young Adults 16+

Acting is a muscle you have to continually exercise. Like any athlete training will keep you working. In our case we are training our emotional body and senses, so that we can be open, playful and able to take direction. 

The fundamentals of acting for theatre and screen are the same. Your job as the actor is to find truth in the words you are saying and to create a character to speak that truth. However, the technique is different. In this course we will practice the fundamentals of acting, giving you all the tools you need to walk into an audition room prepared and with confidence. Then we will learn how to apply those fundamentals to live performance and film/Television.

Term 1: Vocal training, Movement training and Improv.
Term 2: Theatrical scene work and Musical performance.
Term 3: Character development and Script break down.
Term 4: Acting on screen and Film scenes or a short film - students write it.