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"There are plenty of stars in the sky but none shine the same as you. Unleash your star potential and gain the confidence to shine."

Red Theatricals was created to offer a drama school where students are treated as individuals not a large chorus. Each student brings with them different skills, challenges and aspirations. 

Classes at Red Theatricals assist our students to become the best performer they can be. They are encouraged to take on roles that not only excite them but will also challenge them to advance their performance skills and grow in confidence.

Red Theatricals' students will blossom as they develop skills in Acting, Dance and Singing. The tools they are given to succeed in performance will be transferred into all aspects of their life.

A snapshot of what students will gain from their experience at Red Theatricals:
>   A community where they belong
>   Self-Confidence
>   Improved speech and articulation
>   Ability to address and engage a large crowd
>   Increased Focus
>   Improved Memory
>   Resilience
>   The rewards of hard work and determination
>   Ability to adapt and think on their feet
>   Empowerment

At Red Theatricals all students are treated equally and are given an avenue to explore the craft of acting, dance and singing so they may develop into well-rounded performers.
"I am challenged to try new things, I gain confidence and best of all I have made some great friends." Alessia
Students get the opportunity, unlike anywhere else, to put their new skills into practice when they perform in a full-scale musical production each semester. The performance is held at a professional theatre with lighting, sound and costume/props all included. This is not only a great reward and goal for students to work towards each semester but also endeavours to teach them theatre etiquette and how to perform to a large audience, gaining confidence with public speaking as well as the main three disciplines: Acting, Singing and Dance.

Students will delve into the world beyond the camera long before a Director calls 'ACTION.' They will explore scripts, characters and improvisation, which is the ground work of a brilliant performance. Then they will get to enjoy the fruits of their hard work as they film scenes and short films that capture their audience and leave them thinking 'Next stop, Hollywood!'

The Screen Acting classes specialise in the art of acting for television and film. These classes teach students how to tailor their performance for the camera. Participants will focus on character development, scene work, audition techniques, improvisation and the creative process of writing and starring in group-devised short films each semester that are professionally edited for a public screening.
Rebecca Fortuna (Director)
Working with Children's Check
Bachelor of Arts/Law: Majoring in Theatre and Drama
Year after year the Red Theatricals team have the privilege of watching their students grow into empowered and confident human beings. Rebecca encourages her students to challenge themselves in the craft of acting and performance and to reach for the stars. She tailors her classes to the needs of her students each semester, ensuring each student is challenged to achieve their full-potential. She loves seeing the excitement and spark in their eyes when they see their hard-work and commitment paying off.

Rebecca is a well-trained and experienced Drama Coach, Actress, Writer, Director and Choreographer who has a passion for acting, performing and teaching. She has been teaching kids and teens Acting and Musical Theatre for over 11 years and is incredibly passionate about the craft and passing on her knowledge.

She has been acting and dancing since she was 8 years old and continues to train and work in the industry, having recent success being cast in many commercials, new television series, stage productions of 'Fool for Love', 'The Boys' and 'Weekend Quartet.' She also debuted as a writer with her show 'Domestic Warfare' which she starred in for the Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2013.
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