Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child do a free trial class?
At Red Theatricals we believe in our program so much that when you enrol you get a 100% money back guarantee (after your first 2 classes) if your child doesn't love the class or they aren't ready for the program. 

After your first 2 classes, the teacher will give honest feedback and whether the class is suitable. We encourage you to discuss with your child how much they loved the class too.

We offer this instead of a trial system as we believe it takes a few weeks for a new student to get over the nerves and really immerse themselves in the program. 

No trial class or money back guarantee is offered for online programs, workshops or school holiday intensives. 
My child has some experience, will this class challenge them?
At Red Theatricals our classes are separated based on age and experience. They start with junior classes for young and new performers and work all the way up to our masterclass program for experienced young adults. Student's are challenged to learn new skills and improve on those they already have. They are encouraged to expand their repertoire, try new characters and dedicate themselves to becoming the best performer they can be. This is guided by their teacher, who gets to know each child and discovers what makes them unique and what they need to improve. 

My child is a natural performer and bursting with energy, is this class right for them?
YES! Student's who love performance or who have a natural flare for the dramatics will fit right in at Red Theatricals. We will encourage them to harness their energy and spark into performance, giving them an avenue for their creativity. 
My child is shy, I am not sure if they will enjoy these classes?
If your child is shy or needs a confidence boost Red Theatricals is the perfect starting point. You will notice a sizeable difference in their speech, self-confidence and enthusiasm the longer they are in the program. Our program is designed to bring the very best out in each student individually, so they feel seen, heard and valued. 
What's included in the classes?
Acting, singing, dancing and a whole lot of fun. Our students are trained in all aspects of performance, so they are ready for any role and any genre. Students also get the unique opportunity to work towards a full-scale musical theatre production twice a year! The class includes exercises to improve their skills and then performance rehearsal to put those skills into practice as they work towards an end performance goal each semester. Students are encouraged to try all different roles and are constantly challenged to improve their skills, build their confidence and work as part of a team.
Will my child get a role in the musical theatre production?
Yes! ALL students get a role in the end of year production. Student's are offered an opportunity to audition for the lead roles and all students will be given a solo talking or singing role based on those auditions. For newer students who aren't quite ready for a bigger part, they are still encouraged to try a smaller role first. As their skills grow so will their confidence to tackle larger roles. 

All students are part of the chorus, in addition to their solo part. They will learn the importance of working as a team because a show is really only as good as it's chorus. 
What's included in the fees?
Included in the fees are: weekly performance classes plus extra production rehearsals, character costumes, props and sets. Students will all receive a Script to keep and a copy of the music and backing tracks to rehearse with. 

How are fees charged?
Fees are charged by the semester with 10 x monthly instalments commencing from the start of our yearly classes.

Masterclass: $400 per term
Screen Acting: $370 per term
Senior Performance: $370 per term
Advanced Junior Performance: $370 per term
Junior Performance: $350 per term

New students are charged from the week they join classes. If students are commencing classes part way through the term or semester, their instalments and amount will be altered to reflect when they join. 

Students are charged for the full term and there is no discount or refund if students miss a class.
What happens if my child misses a class?
If a student misses a class due to illness or injury they will be invited to attend a make-up class if one is available. This class must be booked in advance and is subject to availability. 
What does my child need to participate in class?
Students are required to acquire the correct dance shoes to participate in class and the performance.

Juniors: Black Jazz Shoes
Seniors: Tan Chorus Shoes or Black Jazz Shoes

A discount at Bloch is available once you enrol for classes and make your first invoice payment.
What does my child need to bring and wear to class?
Students are required to wear comfortable clothing they can move around in. No jeans, skirts or dresses please. Students are not permitted to participate in class whilst wearing thongs or slip on shoes. Dance shoes or runners are the only permitted footwear. 

Students are also required to bring a drink bottle of water to each class to stay hydrated as our classes are high energy!

Extra Classes and Rehearsals?
Throughout the term students are offered the chance to participate in extra classes and extended classes. These classes are not mandatory but encouraged, so students get more chance to hone their craft.

Extra rehearsal in the production weeks leading up to the performance, including all dress rehearsals, theatre rehearsals and photo shoots. These dates are set out at the start of each semester and are mandatory to perform in the final production at the end of each semester. 

Does my child have to participate in the end of semester production?
Yes. All students enrolled in the performance classes are required to perform in the end of semester production. Students will work hard over two terms to learn all the songs, scenes and dance routines for the production and therefore deserve the chance to showcase their performance skills to a live audience. 
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