Private Lessons & Self-Tests
Private Lessons
Do you or your child need to prep for an audition, prepare for a scholarship application or want some one-on-one training to improve your casting potential? Private lessons are a great way to make sure you walk into an audition room prepared, confident and ready to adapt when requested.
Lessons are adapted to the students' needs and focus on analysing the script, making character choices, practicing the script and simulating a casting session, so you are ready to think on your feet.
Private Lessons are with Red Theatricals' owner Rebecca, a professional actress who tours Australasia and has multiple feature films, TV series and commercial credits.

Self-Tests (Professional Filming & Editing)
Do you have a script that you need to film for a screen test audition? Do you want to stand out from all the other applicants?
Like in the private lessons (above) Rebecca will help you work on the script and character, finding what you can bring to the scene that no one else can. Then multiple takes of the scene will be filmed to ensure you get the best result. Rebecca has mastered the art of filming simple but effective self-tests that will make you stand out and showcase your skills. Rebecca herself has been cast in multiple film and TV projects from her self-test auditions.
Professional camera, sound and lighting equipment will be used to film your self-test and you will receive a copy of all footage from the session. Professional editing and upload service is also available at an extra cost.